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 Applys read this first!

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PostSubject: Applys read this first!   Tue Feb 16, 2010 5:59 pm

1: Applicants shall under no circumstance wear the .-=BRH=-. tag unless they are officially accepted by the Council. Wearing the .-=BRH=-. tag before acceptance, is a reason to get denied.

2: Xfire is required to be installed and used while gaming. If you don't have this program go to www.xfire.com to get an account and install the program.

3: . Don't bother making an application unless you fail to meet this requirement.

4: If an applicant got denied, he can make a re-application in the future but he has to wait almost from 3 weeks to a month. Every re-application done before this period of time will be automatically denied.

Application form:

In-Game Name:
Real name:
Time zone (GMT):
Xfire username (Required):
Do you have Ventrilo installed:
Do you have a headset, or a microphone:
Other games you play:
Previous clan experiences:
Reason for applying for membership:
How active are you online:
How active are you on Sof2/CoD/etc:
Do you have any skills with making avatars/signatures:
How did you learn of .-=BRH=-. and this site:
Have you read the "Rules and Guidelines" and hereby accept them:
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Applys read this first!
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